Monogrammed iPhone Wallpapers

My dad bought me an iPhone last night, and of course, me being as monogrammed-obsessed as I am, decided to go on a hunt for monogrammed iPhone wallpapers. I mean, as long as I Google it, it has to be somewhere on the world wide web, right? It has everything!

So I searched the terms, “monogrammed iPhone wallpaper” and this lovely iPhone trinket popped up: Wall About You by McKinley Margo!

The best part of this iPhone app is that you get to create your own monogrammed wallpaper. You get to choose from over 15 custom wallpaper designs, 15 monogram shapes, four monogram styles, and 12 fonts in 20 different colors. It’s really quite easy and not to mention, incredibly adorable!

Unfortunately, the app isn’t free. However, it’s only $1.99 for unlimited monogrammed wallpaper creations! Goodness, I’m so obsessed. You can preview it on the iTunes store online by clicking here.


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