My New Bible of Southern Cocktails

One of my good friends gave me the best recipe book for my birthday.

“I found this book when I was at Breed & Co. I saw the word ‘Southern’ and I thought, Crystal! Then I saw the word ‘Cocktails’ and I thought, Crystal!

— My friend, referring to the book, Southern Cocktails by Denise Gee

I was incredibly thrilled. This is something that I can put to good use, especially when entertaining guests. It has always been my dream to one day own a full bar in my apartment/house, and this will be a book of frequent references when I do so.

The book is divided into five sections:

  1. Bar Necessities: This section tells you exactly what you need and how to build a bar for these yummy southern cocktails. It even suggests that you have decanters to hold your liquor with – which is incredibly classy and a totally great idea.
  2. The Classics: The recipes for your commonly known southern cocktails are included in this section. This includes our “tried-and-true” cocktails such as the Classic Mint Julep, the French 75, Pimm’s Cup, etc.
  3. Cheers!: We like to celebrate and enjoy life  in the South. This chapter holds recipes for festive southern cocktails such as the Apple Joujou, the Derby Cooler, the Scarlett O’Hara, etc.
  4. Pinkies Up: For the fancier celebratory occasions, this chapter features a set of recipes for fancier cocktails such as Champagne Punch, the Bee’s Knees, Praline Coffee, etc.
  5. Nibbles: The introduction to this chapter requests that you “be a responsible party host.” And you should be! Thus, recipes of appetizers make up this section. These are classic (but easy-to-make) southern appetizers such as Crab Louis Cocktail, Devilish Eggs, Sweet and Sassy Pecans, etc.

So, go get your hands on a copy to taste (or to make and drink every now and then) the South’s marvelously delicious cocktails!

“We’re not reared to be alcoholics, mind you, but we are taught how to be hospitable and have a good time from the get-go.”

— Pg. 8 of Southern Cocktails


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