A Spontaneous 5-inch Haircut at Urban Betty Salon

Urban Betty Salon
From the Urban Betty Salon website

I woke up Friday morning at 7 am and the first thought that ran through my mind was, “I really want a haircut today. Urban Betty website NOW!” (I chose Urban Betty because previous experience had shown me that it was the obvious cool and hip choice. I mean, have you seen it?! It’s located in the 26 Doors Shopping Center on W. 38th St. if you want to check it out. And trust me, you want to check it out.) Literally, the first thing I did after I woke up was log onto their convenient online appointment scheduling system. I crossed my fingers for an appointment time that worked into my hectic Friday schedule.

Less than a minute later, I received an email saying:

“You are scheduled for the following appointment at Urban Betty:

Fri, Jul 27, 2012 2:00 PM Student Cut with Jamie Currivan”


So, after some obligatory work at Quack’s Bakery, barely squeezing in a spinning class, and ordering a Caffe Latte at Teo to replenish my body with some carbs and protein (and a much-needed jolt of caffeine), I finally arrived at Urban Betty Salon. Although I had been here three times before and was greeted with a very warm welcome and an offer for a free drink (including wine!) on every visit, they were extra excited to see me this time (probably due to the fact that I had tweeted at them earlier saying that I was excited for my hair appointment).

After a few moments, Jamie had finished cutting and styling my hair. I loved it so much! It was my first time ever having Jamie as my stylist and I was very pleased. I actually purposefully scheduled an appointment under her because I saw on the Urban Betty website that she had pink hair. I knew that she would be aesthetically-creative with my hair and I desperately wanted something different. She cut varying lengths from 4- to 6-inches (with my permission, of course) creating beautiful layers. And although I’ve had that much hair cut off before, I was definitely the happiest this time. The cut resulted in lots of movement and much more body than before – I am very excited with Jamie’s finished product on my head (and we chatted about blogging, celebrity gossip, and Perez Hilton’s crazy weight loss – best conversation topics ever, right?). We also bonded over our mutual belief that everyone should pursue their passions and not an undesired career just because it’s a “safe, secure, and proven” path. Or better yet, go on the safer path but still make time to pursue your hobbies. Major props.

Jamie and the haircut she created. She was wonderful. She was also completely cool with the fact that I arrived for my appointment all sweaty and gross from spinning.
Photo taken with Instagram

Earlier tonight at Dolce Vita, I had my friend take a photo of my haircut air-dried and un-styled (and it looked amazing that way too!):


Lovely voluminous shape, yes?

Everyone should go to Urban Betty Salon. Now. Make an appointment online – it’s super convenient. And I definitely recommend Jamie.

Urban Betty Salon
From the Urban Betty Salon website


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