Bringing Walton to Blues on the Green

“When in doubt, pinkies out!”

“When in doubt, pinkies out!”

That saying, my dear followers, was the epitome of the evening – it was so dainty, classy, and downright fabulous! My closest girlfriends and I decided to drop by Walton’s Fancy and Staple to pick up some sandwiches and dessert before heading to Blues on the Green for a musical picnic dinner.

Our experience at Walton’s was fantastic. Even when we decided to ask a billion questions about the menu, their service was very friendly and helpful. And did you know that Sandra Bullock (yes, the actress) owns the place?

And in case you didn’t know, the Austin radio station 93.3 KGSR hosts Blues on the Green. It is a music festival series where they feature live music at Zilker Park every other Wednesday in the summer. Marcia Ball performed this time (July 25th) with Nakia as the opening number. Although her music does feature blues, it is not the only genre of music played at these concerts. There are a variety of genres, including alternative country singers such as Rhett Miller (who I saw the last time I went to Blues on the Green and I really loved him).

Although I don’t know many of the musicians KGSR invites to perform (I have a bad habit of mostly only listening to Top Country, some Top 40, 90s, and even tween music), having picnics with fun-but-laidback live music playing in the background is pure bliss.


A Walton’s Fancy and Staple dinner at Blues on the Green:
Turkey Sweet on multigrain bread – turkey, applewood smoked bacon, caramelized onion, apple, and white cheddar
Macarons in order – Pecan, Earl Grey, Raspberry, Earl Grey

More photos:

Walton's at Blues on the GreenSo many delicious selections! How could we ever know we made the right decision? Actually, I think the right decision is to try everything at Walton’s at least once.

Walton's at Blues on the GreenThey had one of the cutest cash registers I’ve seen, by far.

Walton's at Blues on the GreenThe macarons were delicious! The creamy, chocolatey filling sandwiched by cookies with a thin, fragile, hard shell and a fluffy inside makes for a dreamlike experience in your mouth.

Walton's at Blues on the GreenKasey and I with our pinkies up. It’s a must to look dainty eating those macarons.

Walton's at Blues on the GreenThe Trifecta taking a photo-op (Lily, Maddie, and me) in the middle of enjoying ourselves.


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