The Sun and Galaxy Cafe

I woke up today knowing for a fact that I wanted to spend an “active day” in the sunny outdoors. Although today is a summer day like any other in Austin, TX, there was something about it that made me determined to make it an absolutely perfect and refreshing one.

So after some obligatory plans in the morning and early afternoon, my friend and I headed out to the Blunn Creek Nature Preserve near St. Edward’s University to hike a little. It was a cute little trail sprinkled with cacti – quite Texan gorgeous, indeed. Seeing a cactus still intrigues me even though I’d been living in Texas for over three years now.

After the hiking, we decided that we wanted to grab a cool, crunchy late lunch/early dinner (basically, a salad). We had stumbled upon a restaurant called the Galaxy Cafe a while ago and decided to go there because it looked like it had a very “refreshing,” spacious, and relaxing-but-still-hip environment. And oh, it was delicious!

Asian Seared Tuna Salad – Sesame crusted, wild-caught, medium rare tuna steak over a bed of mixed field greens with cucumber, edamame, crispy vermicelli rice noodles, and a side of sesame soy vinaigrette

Galaxy Cafe
Galaxy Cafe


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