The Powder Room: “The Perfect Hairstyle for Your Personality”

Are you always down to party? Are you flirty? A hippie? A Type A personality? Do you like to break rules? Or are you a go-getting entrepreneur?

I came across this article while browsing one of my go-to blogs I regularly read. It tries to match a hairstyle to your personality. The hairstyles the article suggests isn’t surprising at all but I still find it fun and entertaining. I think I am stuck between being a Va Va Voom Victoria and Perfect Patty – I could be either one depending on the context of a setting. Which one(s) do you identify with? Below is the article (the original site can be accessed here):

Your hairstyle should most definitely reflect who you are as a person. Whether you are a perfectionist or a fashionista forever on the hunt for latest trends, let that be known through your hair! From Flower Fionas to Go Getter Glorias, we have come up with a hairstyle that represents you. The question is, which girl are you? Try these on for size:  beauty  The Perfect Hairstyle for Your Personality

Party Penny. Are you always down for a good time? Do you like to be the center of attention? These woman use their hair to get attention. Whether it be a subtle hue of pink or a daring dash of blue (think Katy Perry), these girls know how to have fun.  beauty  The Perfect Hairstyle for Your Personality

Va Va Voom Victoria. Are you flirty? Sexy?  A Victoria Secret model? Well if you are, you know that the quickest way to a man’s heart is through long, luscious waves. Think Jessica Rabbit; this style will accentuate your curves.  beauty  The Perfect Hairstyle for Your Personality

Flower Fiona. Ladies of Coachella rejoice; this is the style for you. Tuck some daisies into your long, messy braids or opt for a a simple feather in your hair. If you consider yourself a free loving, tree-hugging hipper chick, braid it out girl!  beauty  The Perfect Hairstyle for Your Personality

Perfect Patty. Has anyone ever told you have a type A personality? When asked in a job interview what your biggest weakness is, do you respond with being a perfectionist? If so, this look is for you. Try pinning you hair up tight in a high bun. And since you are a perfectionist, I would suggest getting yourself a hair donut or creating a sock doughnut for a high set, perfect bun.  beauty  The Perfect Hairstyle for Your Personality

Rebellious Rebecca. These girls don’t follow the rules. These are the out-of-the-box thinkers always pushing everything to the limits. Smokers, rockers, artists unite; rock rebellious locks look like “it” girl Alexa Chung.  beauty  The Perfect Hairstyle for Your Personality

Go Getter Gloria. Do you go after what you want? Consider yourself someone always looking for more? Think female Ari Gold.  These woman are entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, go-getters!  Try wearing your hair ultra-short if this is you; pixie cuts exude confidence.


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