We didn’t kick butt but we certainly Quack-ed!

I have one friend who has just as little or no sense of direction as I do. And we acknowledge the fact that the two of us together makes finding a location even worse.

Because we are aware of such a fact, we drove around forever in a little shopping center to find a coffee shop called Kick Butt Coffee. Little did we know, the place had actually closed down – at least that’s what we decided after ages of not being able to locate it.

Thus, we decided to trek our way over to another cute and quaint shopping center (and it took us many mistaken turns to reach it as well) and found Quack’s 43rd Street Bakery. And ah, what pleasant mistakes we made!

Frosted chocolate cupcake with whipped cream filling

And an iced toddy to top it all off!

I drank the iced toddy in a hurry – hence the cup being almost empty before I could take a picture.

And the back of Quack’s 43rd Street Bakery (why I took a picture of the back and not the front, I don’t know why):

First two pictures taken with Instagram.


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