The Sweet Life: Dolce Vita in Hyde Park

I feel like I always make my discoveries of gems when I randomly crave something specific to eat – this time it was some kind of creamy, frozen food. So, I somehow ended up at Dolce Vita in Hyde Park with my friend for the first time ever a couple of weeks ago. Guess what I ordered? Gelato. And I actually went again tonight…and ordered gelato. My friend, however, decided to go a slightly varied path and ordered sorbet.

Left: Blood Orange and Lemon sorbets
Right: PB&J and Pistachio gelatos

I revisited the establishment a few days ago with another friend and ordered an avocado panini and a side caprese salad while my friend ordered a kettle of snowflake tea for the two of us to share. I failed to document that meal in pictures – perhaps I will do so next time. Meanwhile, here’s a picture from their site:

Avocado panini – avocado, spicy hummus pesto, sun dried tomatoes, and spring mix on multi-grain bread
Caprese side salad – fresh mozzarella, basil, sliced tomatoes, pesto, olive oil, and balsamic cream

I told myself that next time, I would get their one of their sorberitas. I’m kind of kicking myself right now that I didn’t order one earlier today (technically, yesterday, I suppose). Their Happy Hours last all day on Sunday; the sorberitas would’ve only been $5 as opposed to the original $8-9.

Top: Mango Sorberita – mango sorbet, fresh lime juice, and House Tequilla
Bottom: Strawberry Sorberita – strawberry sorbet, fresh lime juice, and House Tequilla
(Image also from the Dolce Vita website)

I sat outside all three times I went. Look how cute their outside patio is:

This is truly a wonderful place for a lovely, relaxed evening with friends.


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