The Powder Room: You ask, I spill – “Your skin! How?!”

I always get comments on how soft/smooth/etc. my skin is. And usually shortly thereafter, I get a “How?!” Well, because I’m Asian. Seriously. We really value skincare (and we don’t like using all that make-up foundation crap because we believe it pollutes and damages skin). So behold, world: I’m about to spill most – though not all – of my skin secrets. You can read my blog and stop asking me now.

The Face, Neck, and Chest: It’s a very real and serious requirement that you need to moisturize these areas. They’re definitely the first areas to get hit with visible fatigue, aging, wrinkles, etc. And even though facial moisturizers literally refer to the “face,” you must, must, must apply them to your neck and chest as well. They’re just as sensitive and thin as facial skin, if not even more so.

  • Because I slather on so much moisturizer, my face is often dewy with natural oils. Thus, to counteract potential zits (which trust me, I will get if I don’t follow my regimen, even if it doesn’t seem that way), I use Proactiv at night. I only use it at night and with just a tiny amount of Step 1 diluted with water because of the strong benzoyl peroxide active ingredient. I’ll follow the proper routine as they dictate and then smooth on night cream. In the morning, I use diluted baby wash to gently wash off the top layer of grease on my face (also what I use to remove all of my make-up at the end of the day; it has no harsh chemicals, removes incredibly easily, and is tear-free!) because I don’t want my skin to look dry or sallow. And I leave my neck/chest be, no need to mess with that – it’s delicate!
  • My mom got me to start using anti-wrinkle/firming facial night cream once I hit high school. It may seem excessive but it makes sense; it’s easier to prevent wrinkles than to treat existing ones. They don’t have to be expensive; I just use drugstore brands, but only select ones of course, such as from the Olay Regenerist or the Garnier Nutrioniste Ultra-Lift lines (about $14-25). I don’t plan on upgrading to make-up counter lines such as Shiseido or La Mer until I visibly need to ($80-300), or until I’m super rich someday, hah.
  • Use at the very minimum a daily SPF 15 facial moisturizer during the day. Again, I only stick with brands that really absorb into your skin (as opposed to leaving a slick, greasy layer on the surface) and contain reliable sunscreen. I use the same drugstore lines as above. My rule-of-thumb is at least an SPF 15-ish during the fall and winter and at least an SPF 30-ish during the spring and summer.

The Body: This is actually quite simple. And again, moisturizing is a major factor.

  • Even though I don’t have sensitive skin, I use moisturizing body wash or bar soap made for sensitive skin or baby wash. Always use it on a gently exfoliating instrument, such as a loofah.
  • Moisturize your entire body (every single inch of it) after every shower, no matter how pressed you are for time. Again, I’m incredibly picky about what lines I use for this. I want something that really quenches my skin – no greasy layer just on the surface, please! So far, the drugstore brands I find repeatedly reliable include Aveeno, Jergens, Eucerin, and Nivea. And of course, any pricey brand is great, but I’ll be sticking to drugstores for now, as we are all penny-pinching nowadays. And I’m still a college student.
  • If I lay out, I’ll make sure to apply aloe vera gel before I put on lotion. It’s important that you don’t skip either step, just layer it.

Well, there you have it! Try it out. But keep in mind, this is what personally works for me (though I feel like it should work for many people), so I don’t guarantee you perfect skin with my tricks, especially if you’ve only been following it for a couple of weeks. No skin magic can happen overnight. And part of it could be due to genetics, heh.

But I never get facials, so all of this has to truly work somehow.


4 thoughts on “The Powder Room: You ask, I spill – “Your skin! How?!”

  1. So as soon as I read this I realized I needed to amp up my own skincare routine! Not only is pampering my skin a little each day a much needed relaxer, the difference in how I look and feel is amazing:)Thanks for the inspiration, it was the jumpstart I needed to take care of my skin this summer!

    • Yes, it’s definitely a short-and-sweet way to go about “me time.” It’s always good to treat and to take care of yourself in any way possible. And of course, it is my pleasure – I’m glad that you liked this post, Kelly!

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