What Would Jackie Do? Chapter 3: Bliss and Makeup

“The defining ‘swan’ ‘do that inspired a million copycuts. The svelte physique on which clothes hung with artful precision. The yoga and trampoline workouts decades before the rest of America caught on to the beauteous side effects of far-out fitness. These were all part of the Jackie formula for maintaining a polished presentation — a choreography de corps that took into account every sultry inch, from acid-white teeth and hairless arms to an intoxicating scent.”

Some of my favorite, noteworthy points:

  • Natural hair color is always best.  “Like it or not, your own natural hue is apt to best match your eyes and skin tone.” Well, I mean, you were born with it…so obviously, it’s a part of the most-fitting color palette for you. Especially if you’re a brunette. Keep your brown hair! “Brown hair tends to reflect light better than blond shades — a benefit Jackie played up by wearing diamond hair ornaments.” Oh, how I love being a brunette!
  • Candy it ain’t; use restraint.  “Overbuying at mega-beauty stores (Sephora)…you can load up on many wrong shades. Instead, seek out the known stars at local cosmetics counters and get advice on a signature palette.” Again, use neutral hues that best fit your own bodily color palette. Match your skin tone. Stop artificially bejeweling yourself. Accentuate your good features with the right coloring.
  • Never show your hand (mirror).  “Men — especially those who hold sacred the feminine mystique — don’t need to know what it takes for you to look your best.” But there’s one exception: “dabbing on a bit of lipstick post-meal (or post-kiss).” Jackie thought that could be a “terribly sexy gesture” if done the right way.
  • Scents-ability:  Spritz, dab — don’t douse. Keep it light. Spray it “in your hair, behind the knees, inside the elbow, deep in the décolleté.” But her most important warning is to “avoid misting the pearls; real ones peel after exposure to perfume products.” And always, always, always “keep your scent a flirtatious secret.” No need to tell!

“Jackie’s hairstyle was iconic — it was distinct, modern, and classic at the same time. Her look wouldn’t need much changing today. I’d give her a bob with maybe a little less volume and more layers so that you do not need to tease the hair — a wash-and-wear version of the Jackie O look.”

— Frédéric Fekkai, hairstylist, salon owner, and hair product guru


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