What Would Jackie Do? Chapter 2: O! That Dress

“Today’s fashion cycles are getting shorter and shorter, faster and faster. Within every price range there are more choices, more fads and trends, that will come and go long before you can redeem those Membership Rewards points…Jackie wouldn’t be moved by such fashion distractions.”

Some of my favorite, noteworthy points:

  • Know the difference between luxury clothing and high fashion.  The book refers to “high fashion” as those flashy, trendy, hot-right-now pieces that turn heads. “Wear such clothes at your own peril; any item that outshines the wearer is a potential danger.” The true classicist (i.e. Jackie O) “is more about appearing classically beautiful and luxurious…nothing scary or intimidating.”
  • When in doubt, show less flesh, not more.  “Jackie deployed sexy clothing deftly and sparsely…She knew that too much exposure would kill off any chance to be taken seriously.” Be professional. Look sophisticated. Leave a little (or a lot) to the imagination. “The suggestion of décolleté is far sexier than barely covered breasts.”
  • Jackie looks that always click:  black turtleneck (form-fitting but not tight), Jack Rogers sandals (my personal favorite because of its versatility; “look as great on the streets of Manhattan as on a private yacht”), black and white (but only black on top and white on bottom, don’t risk looking like a waitress!), Chanel jacket (the perfect mixer), A-line skirts (incredibly flattering), and brooches (“highlight a neckline…dazzling in your hair, on a handbag or shoes, or even the back of a sexy evening dress).

“Jackie wouldn’t understand why girls [today] make themselves ugly with gratuitous flesh exposure and overly contrived hairdos.”

— Simon Doonan, author and Creative Director at Barneys New York

“Jackie would not be seen in velour drawstring pants in the daytime — no! And she certainly wouldn’t have anything scrawled across her behind.”

— Susan Fales-Hill, author and International Best Dressed List Hall of Famer


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