Wine and cheese, and other Whole Foods

Today was…out of the usual. “Out of the usual” as in never in my life. Thus, while my friend and I were at Whole Foods eating, we decided to have a wine and cheese night later – with movies, of course. That “later” is now; we’re currently eating, drinking, being merry, and watching “Something’s Gotta Give” (and it terrifies me how much I empathize with Diane Keaton’s character!). ‘Tis indeed a great and mellow comfort night.

Prosecco, brie, and apple plate.

What Whole Foods says about the Presto Prosecco Brut: “Brighten up your summer brunch with the fruity effervescence of this popular Italian Sparkler. Crisp, clean and refreshing with flavors of tropical fruit…” Yum.

And the other food we devoured at Whole Foods:

1) Some kind of sushi…
2) Lemon raspberry chocolate, biscotti gelato
3) Strawberry mint, honey lavender gelato


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