Post-retail therapy at Mandola’s Italian Market

I love gorgeous, punchy food. Did you know? – Food is healthier that way. Studies have shown that if you sit and take in the food (with your eyes) before you eat it, you eat less. You also eat less when there are pungent flavors.

Anyway, these beautiful dinner/dessert photos were taken at Mandola’s Italian Market. It was the best decision my friend and I ever made after a day of shopping. Except…it wasn’t that healthy – we ate it all up. All of it. I swear. But after a long, stressful school year, we decided we deserved it.


1) Calamari & Zucchini Fritti with marinara
2) Parma pizza – mozzarella, provolone, prosciutto, arugula, lemon vinaigrette, shaved Parmigiano

The pizza was especially delicious. When the description said arugula, I thought it would be baked on top. Never did I expect a salad on top! Yum.


Taken with Instagram

1) Pineapple gelato
2) Tiramisu

Pineapple and coffee liqueur: these are some of my favorite things.

Both of the above pictures are taken with Instagram.


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