How to be a Socialite

I saw on my scrolling updates that my friend “liked” a Facebook page — Social Climbers. And of course, being the curious (but cool) cat that I am, I somehow ended up on their actual website. On the website, I found this —

  • Identify a charity you would like to support
  • Volunteer
  • Dress your best—put your best foot forward
  • Smile
  • Wear large sunglasses
  • Wear scarves on your bag, neck or around your shoulders. It glams up any outfit!
  • Clean your car so it sparkles and is neat on the inside
  • Write thank you notes
  • Buy either monogrammed or cute note cards—-Lilly Pulitzer has beautiful stationary
  • Have fun. Public Relation firms and Non Profits have free parties every day—get on their lists and go
  • Get your nails and hair done and look photo-opp perfect (don’t forget to smile)
  • Learn how to introduce yourself with a firm handshake and look in their eyes

Perfect, right?


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