Borat’s advice for the 2012 elections: “What you do in a voting booth is a secret. I like to make a hand relief. NICE!”

“Do NOT vote. No seriously, don’t. You don’t care.”

“Seriously, do NOT vote. Voting is absurd. Who cares?”

“Do NOT vote. There’s no point.”

These are quotes extracted from the 5 Friends campaign. We viewed them today in my political communication course. The videos feature various celebrities (Leo DiCaprio, Neil Patrick Harris, Borat, etc.) who tell you not to vote. They tell you that there is no issue in this nation that is worth your consideration or participation. Watch them below (the second one is funnier, just because Borat makes multiple appearances in that one):

What do you think? Do they have you convinced? Are you going to vote? Are you even registered?


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