“The difference between style and fashion is quality.”

The title of this post is actually a quote from Giorgio Armani. I’m not entirely sure what he meant by that but I have my own interpretation (it’s up to the audience to interpret the message, right?).

I think fashion is of the present moment, the what’s-in-right-now. And though I love to look and marvel at it, it’s still trash, if you will. Like Coco Chanel said herself, “Fashion is made to be unfashionable.” There’s a reason why magazines try to tip you off, if you’re on a budget (I believe that would be most of us these days), by encouraging the purchases of “trendy” items from cheaper stores like Forever21. They say that only versatile, almost never “out of fashion,” classic go-to’s are worth the bigger department store price tags (Ralph Lauren, anyone?). The former is just not worth dropping money on. I mean, puh-lease, believe me, I love boutiques and all – but I don’t find it entirely satisfying to go broke over a dress that’ll be completely out once the next season hits.

Now, recall the versatile, almost never “out of fashion,” classic go-to’s I talked about. I think these pieces are more directly linked to your true style, which is worth the investment. But before I go on, allow me to explain style. Style does not start and/or end with your appearance. I think it’s more of an internal concept than it is an external concept. It’s how you communicate – your actions, your words, and the way you carry yourself. What you choose the wear and how you choose to style your hair is a reflection of that. I’ll use myself as an example: I like to be ladylike and classy, alluring but not sexy. I try not to curse, and when I do curse, I limit myself to the two mildest words. I choose not to use filthy language and crack dirty and/or disrespectful jokes. And I like to act like a lady while still being viewed as ambitious and motivated. What I wear mirrors all that – conservative and chic (or, as many like to put it, preppy).  I wear “mommy” shorts (don’t worry, they’re not baggy or long enough to be unflattering, but short shorts have been out the window for a while), I like higher necklines that show off my collarbone and not much else, I can’t bear to wear a tank-top with straps less than two inches without a cardigan, and I hate the thought of baring my midriff/lower back unless I’m in a bikini by a body of water, etc. And you know, I think this is probably where the word “poser” comes from; those who don’t act like the way their dress portrays them to be look like fools.

In the end, I think we should all live by this mantra: “Fashion is trash. Style is quality, and expressing my true self.”

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