The World’s Most Expensive Mint Julep (complete with a Tiffany’s cup!)


Only 73 of these were available at last year’s Kentucky Derby, at $1000 per Tiffany’s exclusively made sterling silver cup.

Ingredients include:

  • Organic Turbinado raw-cane sugar (from 100% organic Brazil-grown sugar cane)
  • Kentucky Colonel Mint (grown in used Woodford Reserve Bourbon barrel).
  • Ice made of water from a 10,000-year-old glacier in the far north Pacific Ocean, near the Gulf of Alaska.
  • Master Distiller’s personal selection of Woodford Reserve super-premium bourbon.

I feel insane. This is incredible. Maybe they’ll do this again one day when I can purchase it.

Read more: Worlds Most Expensive Mint Julep Cup | LUXUO Luxury Blog http://www.luxuo.com/most-expensive/woodford-reserve-tiffany-mint-julep.html#ixzz1BB9hO6Sl


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